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101 Secrets to a Healthy Life

New Lifestyle

101 Secrets to a Healthy Life

Imagine you go to see your doctor. You are worried about your health. It may be diabetes, cardiac problems, or high pressure. Maybe you are dealing with some apparently serious disease, or you are simply feeling stressed, anguished, overweighed or you are not getting good sleep. All you want is to be checked-up by the physician and get the necessary instructions to recover your health, but without hurry and not only on pills. You want something that will really help you to change your lifestyle and feel good again. The time that you invest in reading this book will be like spending a couple of hours in the doctor’s offi ce, kindly talking with him. He takes time to clarify your doubts and provides you guidance on the best way you can do things to the benefi t of your health, on how to feel better and have more energy to enjoy life.101 Secrets to a Healthy Life will help you to improve your lifestyle in order to have a good health. Dr. Jorge Alberto Gonzalez has been working for more than 40 year in the fi eld of medicine. He is Doctor in Medicine and Surgery, and specialist in Internal Medicine and Intensive Care.